What does SHARC do?

What does SHARC do?

SHARC Energy recycles the thermal heat from wastewater that normally would be wasted, and uses it to reduce costs, energy consumption & GHG/carbon emissions.
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    • SHARC & PIRANHA Logos/Branding

      You can download current versions of SHARC logos and other related branding elements from our website: https://smart.sharcenergy.com/branding
    • SHARC Equipment pictures

      This shared folder has high resolution pictures of SHARC & PIRANHA equipment https://iwhes.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/Marketing/Epz0BBt-gz5KhWUi5qDrILEBJNqzZWAXD9m565L_cRS-Uw?e=Us704c
    • Case studies

      Download all available Case Studies here: https://smart.sharcenergy.com/customers
    • Download Brochures

      All Brochures available for download at https://smart.sharcenergy.com/brochures